From phantasy To Reality: The Dawn Of The Biofabricator

Over the past few years, the once-fantastical construct of the “bionic man” has become a reality as 3D-printed body components in. into the thought. Biofabrication isn’t science-fiction any longer; instead it’s a viable career selection for biology-loving engineers. Here’s what you would like to understand concerning this intriguing job chance.
“We can rebuild him. We have the technology.”

– The Six Million Dollar Man, 1973
Science is catching up to phantasy. Last year a paralysed man walked once more when cell treatment bridged a niche in his neural structure. Dozens of individuals have had bionic eyes planted, and it should even be potential to reinforce them to ascertain into the infra-red or ultra-violet. Amputees will management bionic limb implant with thoughts alone.

Meanwhile, we have a tendency to square measure well on the road to printing body components.

We square measure witnessing a reshaping of the clinical landscape molded by the tools of technology. The transition is giving rise to a replacement breed of engineer, one trained to bridge the gap between engineering on one aspect and biology on the opposite.

Enter the “biofabricator”. this can be a job that melds technical skills in materials, mechatronics and biology with the clinical sciences.

21st century career

If you would like a replacement part, it’s the role of the biofabricator to make it for you. The ideas square measure new, the technology is groundbreaking. and therefore the job description? It’s still being written.

It is a vocation that’s already starting off within the North American country tho’. In 2012, Forbes rated medical specialty engineering (equivalent to biofabricator) darling on its list of the fifteen most precious faculty majors. the subsequent year, CNN and referred to as it the “best job in America“.

These conclusions were supported things like pay, job satisfaction and job prospects, with the North American country Bureau of Labour Statistics sticking a colossal growth within the range of medical specialty engineering jobs over successive 10 years.

Meanwhile, Australia is blazing its own path. because the birthplace of the multi-channel tube implant, Australia already boasts a worldwide name in medical specialty implants. Recent clinical breakthroughs with Associate in Nursing planted Ti heel and jawbone reinforce Australia’s standing as a frontrunner within the field.

I’ve recently helped establish the world’s 1st international Masters courses for biofabrication, able to arm successive generation of biofabricators with the varied array of skills required to 3D print components for bodies.

These skills transcend the technical; the duty additionally needs the power to speak with regulators and work aboard clinicians. The rising trade is difficult existing business models.
Life as a biofabricator

Day to day, the biofabricator could be a important cog within the analysis machine. They work with clinicians to form an answer to clinical desires, and with biologists, materials and mechatronic engineers to deliver them.

Biofabricators square measure naturally versatile. they’re ready to discuss clinical desires pre-dawn, device physics with Associate in Nursing engineer within the morning, somatic cell differentiation with a scientist within the afternoon and a possible financier within the evening. to not mention remaining tuned in to regulative matters and social engagement.

Our analysis at the ARC Centre of Excellence for Electromaterials Science (ACES) is simply created potential through the work of a gifted team of biofabricators. they assist with the conduits we have a tendency to square measure building to produce cut nerves, to the electrical implant designed to sense Associate in Nursing close at hand convulsion and stop it before it happens, to the 3D written animal tissue and bone implants intentional to be an ideal work at the positioning of injury.

As the knowledge domain network takes form, we have a tendency to see a lot of applications weekly. Researchers have solely damaged the surface of what’s potential for wearable or planted sensors to stay tabs on Associate in Nursing outpatient’s vital organ and beam them back to the doctor.

Meanwhile, somatic cell technology is developing speedily. Developing the cells into tissues and organs would force agreement of cells in applicable 3D atmospheres and customized bioreactors mimicking the dynamic environment within the body.

Imagine the power to rearrange stem cells in 3D enclosed by different supporting cells and with growth factors distributed with exquisite preciseness throughout the structure, and to consistently probe the impact of these arrangements on biological processes. Well, it will already be done.

Those versed in 3D bioprinting can modify these basic explorations.

Future visions

Besides tutorial analysis, biofabricators will be priceless to medical device corporations in planning new product and coverings. Those engineers with Associate in Nursing entrepreneurial spark can look to start out spin-out corporations of their own. The a lot of ancient business organisation model won’t cut it.

As 3D printing evolves, it’s turning into obvious that we are going to need dedicated printing systems for explicit clinical applications. The printer within the surgery for animal tissue regeneration are specifically built for the task at hand, with solely important variables engineered into a strong and reliable machine.

Appropriately trained people will notice roles within the public service, ideally in regulative bodies or community engagement.

For this job of tomorrow, we have a tendency to should train nowadays and new opportunities square measure rising biofab-masters-degree. we have a tendency to should cut across the standard tutorial boundaries that bog down such advances. we have a tendency to should interact with the community of ancient makers that have skills which will be engineered upon for next generation industries.

Australia is additionally well placed to capitalise on these rising industries. we’ve got a conventional producing sector that’s presently in flux, an intensive advanced materials mental object engineered over decades, a dynamic additive fabrication skills base and a growing various business model atmosphere.

FIFA 16 closed beta goes live – what to grasp

Fans United Nations agency have received an invitation last month for the closed beta program of the future association football computer game title, “FIFA 16,” will currently transfer the file and play.The closed beta file is offered for the console versions of the sport, and FIFA 16 Coins though the closed beta solely has restricted options, gamers will still cross-check a spread of plays on their Xbox 360 and Xbox One, and PlayStation three and four. the sport modes for the closed beta that players will select from embody Career, Pro Clubs, on-line Seasons, and supreme Team.

As for downloading the file, that comes at a vast 15.7 GB, people who have received the invitations can once more receive associate degree email message with directions on a way to transfer and install the sport.

According to game website FIFPlay, the closed beta game appearance to be an equivalent because the demo title for “FIFA 16” that was showcased during this year’s recently-concluded Gamescom convention. Character ratings have nonetheless to be updated and still show statistics from last year’s “FIFA 15” information. Meanwhile, the game additionally has a dedicated feedback page on the FIFA forums thus that players United Nations agency have already fully fledged the closed beta title will leave their feedback.

According to early impressions of the closed beta, a number of the invited testers have already complained of some problems on the onset of the file transfer itself. PS4 players found out that the file attended become corrupted once the transfer goes into the background and activates the console’s Rest mode.

To remedy the problem, publisher Electronic Arts has urged players to try to to a work-around as an answer to the file corruption drawback. Beta participants could modification the settings and de-activate the remainder mode for the PS4, whereas downloading the closed beta file below traditional mode. If the problem still happens, players may hold the ability button on the PS4 for a handful of seconds, athletics the device’s systems rather than turning it off instantly.

Science and Hollywood: once the Martian Met the Earthlings


Andy Weir’s engrossing tale of a NASA spaceman stranded on Mars (entitled, merely enough, The Martian), is returning to Hollywood on October two, and it’s progressing to be another marine turtle Scott blockbuster. I listened to the full-length audio edition of the book, bright narrated by R. C. Bray, UN agency supremely navigates through multiple voices and truly sounds slightly like Matt Damon, UN agency plays the novel’s hero Mark Watney within the film. It well deserves its rating of four.7/5 on AN virtually unbelievable forty five,790 ratings on audible .com. increase that the four.6/5 rating from fourteen,536 client reviews on Amazon and you have got a real cultural book event. lots of individuals have scan this book. And if the NASA scientists at the August eighteen conference at the La North American nation theaters and JPL area unit right, this might translate to a brand new generation of scientists from the ranks of youth certain to flock to the current action-adventure fantasy film.
Just like “Scotty” on Star Trek impressed a generation of youngsters to travel into STEM careers (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math), Damon’s Watney is certain to try and do constant as he cuts a heroic action figure loaded with scientific discipline and engineering skills enough to, as he says, “science the shit” out of the matter he finds himself in.
The Science-and-Hollywood affiliation was evident at the conference, beginning with comments from the Director of the reaction propulsion Laboratory (JPL), Charles Elachi, UN agency emphasised the vital role fantasy plays in imaging the long run and galvanizing individuals to become a locality of it by serving to create it. He recalled the day he received a telephone call from the theater director marine turtle Scott, inquiring if JPL may advise the assembly so as to create it a lot of realistic. an on the spot telephone call from one director to another! What an idea. So simple. And faithful Weir’s novel and NASA’s technical recommendation, Scott has created not simply AN action-adventure blockbuster, however a scientifically correct portrayal of what it’s progressing to go for get individuals to Mars…and back. (Elachi emphasised NASA’s policy that any trip to Mars are going to be two-way–no unidirectional suicide missions allowed, despite surveys that show many individuals would be willing to create a unidirectional trip.) NASA’s timeline can place individuals on Mars within the 2030s. Elon Musk and alternative personal house entrepreneurs area unit aiming for the 2020s. however no matter timeframe seems to be most realistic, there looks to be very little doubt that the peopling–and even colonization–of Mars is returning. we all know the science to create it happen, and it’s solely a matter of your time and cash to supply the requisite technology. The agreement in NASA, Elachi noted, is that it’ll happen–a matter of once, not if.

Harvard adds five to computer science faculty

Former Microsoft chief executive Steve Ballmer.Just in time for the fall semester, Harvard University has added five members to the computer science faculty at the school’s Paulson School of Engineering and Applied Sciences.

Funding for the new hires comes from a donation made last year by Harvard alumnus Steve Ballmer, former chief executive of the software titan Microsoft Corp. The amount of Ballmer’s grant hasn’t been revealed, but he said at the time that it was intended to increase the size of Harvard’s computer science faculty by about 50 percent. That would boost it to 36 members from 24.

The new computer science professors include Boaz Barak and Madhu Sudan, both former principal researchers at Microsoft Research New England; Scott Kuindersma, a robotics specialist previously at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology; James Mickens, formerly a member of the Distributed Systems group at Microsoft Research in Washington; and Alexander Rush, previously a postdoctoral fellow with Facebook Artificial Intelligence Research in New York.

The Paulson School, formerly known as the School of Engineering and Applied Sciences, was renamed in June 2015 after the university received a $400 million endowment gift from alumnus John Paulson. It was the largest single donation Harvard has ever received.

In addition to the five new computer science professors, the Paulson School is also introducing in September four new faculty members specializing in electrical engineering, bioengineering, applied mathematics, chemical engineering, and materials science.

Gene drives: Government science advisers expected to research doubtless dangerous metric weight unit organisms

Government science advisers square measure expected to research a brand new technique of making “supercharged” genetically changed (GM) organisms that some scientists concern would possibly cause mayhem if free while not adequate safeguards into the wild.

A technology referred to as “gene drives” accelerates the unfold of metric weight unit genes at intervals populations of fast-reproducing species, like mosquitoes, and has the potential to stop the unfold of insect-borne diseases and crop pests still as curb the harm done by invasive species.

However, because the freelance disclosed, the U.S.A. National Academy of Sciences has begun a wide-ranging review of genes drives Associate in Nursingd a gaggle of twenty seven leading geneticists have immersed strict controls on however the technology is employed in laboratories so as to minimise the risks of an unmotivated escape with harmful consequences.

In Britain, 2 Government scientific consultative bodies have known factor drives as a hanging new development in biology that has potential advantages still as risks, consultants have told The freelance.

Gene drives square measure seemingly to air the long run agendas of the artificial Biology Leadership Council of the Department of Business, Skills and Innovation and also the consultative Committee on Releases into the atmosphere (Acre), that oversees filed trials of metric weight unit organisms as a part of the Department for atmosphere, Food and Rural Affairs (Defra).

“I anticipate that we’ll be staring at it. I’m alert to the technology however we’ve not truly mentioned it nonetheless, however I’m certain we are going to,” aforesaid prof Rosemary Hails of the Centre for Ecology and geophysical science World Health Organization chairs Acre.

A Defra voice said: “We have not received Associate in Nursing application to unleash a metric weight unit organism supported supposed ‘gene-drive’ technology into the atmosphere within the kingdom – any such application would be subject to a rigorous, freelance risk assessment.”

The artificial Biology Leadership Council, that is overseeing the Government’s strategy for fostering the event of the emergent science of artificial biology, is additionally expected to incorporate factor drives on the agenda of future conferences, in keeping with prof author Tait of capital University, World Health Organization sits on the leadership council and is additionally a member the U.S.A. National Academy of Sciences’ committee on factor drives.

“I expect each artificial scientist are taking Associate in Nursing interest during this space, there square measure clearly monumental potential advantages and it’ll be a pity if we have a tendency to simply consider the risks,” prof Tait aforesaid.

Researchers have likened gene-drive technology to a nuclear chain reaction as a result of it permits metric weight unit genes to be amplified at intervals a breeding population of insects or alternative animals with none any intervention once the gene-editing attribute has been ab initio introduced.

Laboratory experiments on fruit flies have shown that a changed factor introduced into one individual fly takes simply a number of generations to “infect” much each alternative fly within the breeding population, in defiance of the conventional rules of biology that dictate a so much slower unfold.

Helen Wallace of the political unit GeneWatch kingdom aforesaid she has major issues over business pressures to de-regulate factor-editing techniques which might leave gene drives hospitable widespread use while not correct oversight.

“Even intended uses may have serious adverse consequences. for instance, mosquitoes genetically designed to be proof against viruses could lead on to viruses evolving in response to become additional virulent. this might cause the uncontrolled unfold of great killer diseases,” Dr Wallace aforesaid.

However, proponents of the technology aforesaid that factor drives may benefit human health by reducing insect populations that unfold human diseases, like mosquitoes that transmit protozoal infection, dengue, black vomit or Lyme arthritis.

Top Science Publisher Failing Minority teams, business Leaders Say

The world’s largest organization for scientists has been feeding into “harmful stereotypes” concerning minority teams, as well as business sexist recommendation columns and transphobic cowl photos, critics say.

In AN letter sent last week to the celebrated yank Association for the Advancement of Science — that is best identified for business the well-regarded magazine Science and running career-advice website Science Careers — 600 scientists and supporters referred to as on the cluster to “work a lot of diligently to make sure that Science’s internet and written material doesn’t reinforce harmful stereotypes that hinder the advancement of underrepresented teams in [science, technology, engineering and mathematics] fields.”

The letter, 1st obtained by BuzzFeed, suggests the AAAS ought to introduce diversity coaching for its editorial staffs and a lot of closely monitor the comments sections of its on-line materials to comb out insensitive statements.

Women battling discrimination in science is maybe the foremost visible issue, however Jennifer Glass, AN professor at the Georgia Institute of Technology and one in all the letter’s 3 main authors, told The Huffington Post it is vital to notice their issues ar “not simply a women’s issue.”

“This could be a broader issue that STEM fields ar, by-and-large, not presently hospitable career ways for under-represented teams, notably individuals of color,” Glass aforementioned.

Glass aforementioned telling minority teams that “it’s dangerous to talk out concerning these problems or advising them to attend till they reach a definite secure purpose within their careers to entails weaknesses in the system” is AN entrenched drawback.

Letter author Lenny Teytelman in agreement that a lot of individuals ar hesitant to talk out concerning inequalities within the field, noting there is a concern among the scientific community that job out problems like discrimination may be seen as a distraction.

“If individuals suppose you’re being a activist, they’ll suppose you’re not that specialize in your analysis and they’ll take your analysis less seriously,” he said.

Teytelman aforementioned there has to be a conjunctive effort to maneuver a lot of minorities into school positions and noted the field’s culture of “overwork” — which might be particularly tough for operating folks — has to modification.
“Scientists usually have sham syndrome, male or feminine,” Teytelman aforementioned of the competitive, intense atmosphere that runs rampant in science fields. “If I felt as a white guy having the queries of ‘is this for me?’ or ‘am I committed enough?’, I will solely imagine what it’s like if you’re black or if you’re a lady or somebody making an attempt to own children, making an attempt to bottle-feed, making an attempt to parent.”

In addition to recommendations created within the letter, Glass aforementioned career recommendation columns ought to embrace a lot of work by folks that ar simply beginning go in their careers, notably if they’re in underrepresented teams.

“Make area for them, share their stories, ask for their opinions,” Glass aforementioned. “Social media networks ar nice places to search out potential early career contributors WHO ar already blogging and tweeting concerning these problems.”

“People can typically not feel inspired to pursue careers in fields wherever they do not have a voice and a community of allies,” Glass added .

Marcia McNutt, the editor-in-chief of Science, told BuzzFeed the AAAS acknowledged it had area for improvement.

“Science and Science Careers especially have had a few of missteps, that we tend to regret,” she said. “We’ve been rethinking our strategy and ar within the method of adjusting oversight for Science Careers, however not quick enough.”

“We all create mistakes,” Teytelman aforementioned. “I don’t expect individuals to avoid mistakes, however what I concentrate to is however we tend to avoid creating them once more.”

A culture modification for the science community would be positive for the community as a full, he added.

“There’s lots of strength in diversity and not pushing individuals out WHO wish to be in it.”

Revolutionizing Science Communication — With 3D-Printed jewellery

Two years into their postdocs, Idoya Lahortiga and Luk Cox formalized their cooperative comes in science communication in 2010; therefore was born somersault18:24. Over the years, their work has full-grown tremendously; the numbers represent themselves: somersault features a following of over [*fr1] 1,000,000 on Facebook. still, it’s tough to encapsulate what specifically they do–the process nature of somersault is therein they defy definition. Their mission and goal encapsulates the unifying ideology behind their various work:

“We believe that tools for science communication and education ought to be as free as attainable, straightforward to share, and accessible for everybody.”

Luk and Idoya balance a regular employment as scientific illustrators for big journals like Haematologica with their varied, distinctive comes. Among their foremost comes is that the huge repository of resources filled with icon sets, illustrations/infographics, and full libraries of 3D renders. They liberally offer these underneath a pay-what-you-want philosophy, particularly considering a number of these tools ar price upwards of one hundred euros. These resources are transfered nearly 4000 times with concerning one monetary unit per download in matching donations–far from breaking even.

However, the somersault team’s newest and coolest project has provided a replacement stream of cash that they channel toward paying for these resources: they produce science-inspired jewellery. for every piece they sell, $5 goes to the platform.

The catchy ideas is to “wear your passion for science.” written from 3D-models in materials like gold and silver, the jewellery is minimalist and neat–ranging from the fragile trying organic process tree jewellery, to the classic neuron-shaped pendant. As Idoya and Luk pen Shapeways, “3D printing could be a troubled technology, it permits you to unfold awareness concerning nearly something, as well as science.”

I had the fortune of meeting with Idoya ANd Luk due to an introduction from Dennis oscine bird of mediomix. we have a tendency to terminated up meeting once more a month later to debate more collaboration, however our 1st speech communication quickly gave Maine a way of their innovative, troubled perspective to science. As trained scientists with PhD’s in organic chemistry, they’ve seen the system from the within and therefore the outside. I’ve already ranted concerning my very own opinions of the issues with science communication, and it absolutely was refreshing to check folks operating thus laborious to incite a revolution. inside a extended speech communication spring from topic-to-topic on the wheel of science communication: from the general public, to publishers, to policymakers, Luk unforgettably explicit , “Graphics got to be the quality for science communication. that’s the long run.”

The challenge in creating science communication open and accessible lies in funding the distribution of those materials. while not institutional backing for such innovative comes, it’ll be entrepreneurial spirits within the likes of somersault 18:24 that may pioneer the revolution in science communication. get their jewellery on Etsy or Shapeways.

The Elder Scrolls Online: Tamriel Unlimited Review

Taking a step back from its darling fantasy franchise, Bethesda has left the newest Elder Scrolls title to ZeniMax on-line Studios, and if its name hasn’t already given it away, The Elder Scrolls Online: Tamriel Unlimited may be ESO Gold a massively multiplayer on-line role-playing unharness. For years currently, several fans of the series have puzzled what it would be prefer to explore the immense world of Nirn aboard their friends, and that is unsurprisingly the core idea behind The Elder Scrolls on-line. In some ways, it is a game that stays faithful the property, however this point around, you are not alone.

When The Elder Scrolls on-line 1st launched on computer back in 2014, it had been met with a lukewarm reception. the final agreement was that the developer had taken Bethesda’s enchanting franchise and tossed it onto a bland, uninspired MMO model. Flash forward simply over a year, and there are some huge changes. Not solely has the discharge itself undergone some substantial alterations, however the game’s business model has been entirely reworked in time for its arrival on the PlayStation four.

No doubt to the relief of the many, the title’s subscription fee demand has been removed, which means that you just solely have to be compelled to ab initio purchase the discharge to expertise everything that it’s to esosale supply. If you are doing desire splashing some money, though, there is Associate in Nursing optional subscription service along side the in-game Crown Store. the previous needs a monthly payment, and provides various edges like quicker character growth. On paper, such a issue might sound alittle bit shady, however in our expertise of enjoying the sport while not subscribing, we’ve had no issues levelling up our hero, and haven’t noticed any immediate disadvantages to easily shopping for the discharge and not defrayal a penny on that thenceforth.

The Crown Store, meanwhile, permits you to buy in-game content with real cash. luckily, this definitely is not a pay-to-win situation, as most of the things that is up for grabs is only cosmetic. Character skins, extra mounts, and pets that cannot have interaction in combat conjure the bulk of optional content, and every one all told, the Crown Store may be a tight plan. there is nothing wrong with defrayal some pocket amendment on a brand new horse if you actually fancy enjoying the sport, and successively, you are serving to support the discharge as whole. Either way, it’s higher than having to affect a compulsory subscription fee.

And that’s very The Elder Scrolls Online’s ace within the hole. wherever various different MMOs either fall foul to the tedious free-to-play model or place players off by tightened a subscription, ZeniMax on-line Studios has hit a sweet spot, particularly once it involves the console crowd. For PlayStation enthusiasts World Health Organization maybe are not too knowledgeable of MMOs, The Elder Scrolls Online’s model is each accessible and honest, and actually, it’s troublesome to think about a stronger approach that it may are handled.

However, none of this truly matters if the sport is not value paying for within the 1st place. Thankfully, and maybe amazingly for a few, The Elder Scrolls Online: Tamriel Unlimited manages to with success mix the series’ core ideas Associate in Nursingd mechanics with an MMO structure. The result’s Associate in Nursing fully large RPG that’ll feel acquainted if you are a franchise regular, complete with gratifying MMO parts that bring one thing unaccustomed the globe of Nirn.

As hinted, if you’ve got vie Associate in Nursing Elder Scrolls title before, you must adapt to the current one pretty quickly. The underlying mechanics ar the same: you produce your own custom character, you are kicked out into a large map, you kill things with weapons, magic, or both, and you go around acceptive quests and usually serving to those in want. basically, the continent of Tamriel is your playground, and you are liberal to fancy it as you wish – you only have to be compelled to be aware of different players. unnecessary to mention, this can be wherever a number of the core ideas of the franchise ar known as into question. The Elder Scrolls games ar all regarding exploration, adventure, and discovery, and plenty of those essential elements have arguably been patterned down so as Elder Scrolls Online Gold to accommodate thousands of players.

Here’s All the Pluto Science From New Horizons to date

When the scientists of the New Horizons mission launched their probe nearly a decade past, they’d no plan what to expect once it reached Pluto. and therefore the things it’s disclosed within the days since it created its nighest approach to the dwarf planet have exceeded astronomers’ expectations.
Contours of frozen carbon monoxide show an increase in concentration towards the middle of the heart's left lobe. New Horizons is formally out of its nine-day shut police investigation period—the time once it passed nighest to Pluto and will collect the foremost vital knowledge concerning the distant icy rock. currently that its attention is a smaller amount dominated by grouping science and additional centered on causation it home, the important fun begins for the New Horizons mission scientists. On Friday, a number of the team’s principals Sabbatum all the way down to gift a number of the probe’s freshest downlinks, furthermore as allow us to all recognize that New Horizons fever would be winding all the way down to a gradual pulse—updates every Fri, instead of anytime new knowledge comes in.

Speaking of pulse, one in every of the primary announcements these days came from man of science Alan Stern, World Health Organization showed some new data on Pluto’s large cordate plain. The area, currently formally named Tombaugh Regio, happens to coincide with a section of frozen CO. in step with can Grundy, New Horizons’ skilled on ices, the layer is a minimum of a cm thick. however he can’t say evidently whether or not it’s being deposited from on top of, or upwelling from below.

Weird ices aside, proof continues to bring together for active earth science on Pluto. At Friday’s conference, team person Jeff Moore showed 2 close-up flyover animations of the surface. the primary shows a mountainous region that the team has on the side named Norgay Montes (after Sherpa, the Asiatic World Health Organization summited Mount Everest with Sir Edmund Hillary). a number of these mountains, says Moore, area unit up to 2 miles high.

Incubator Network to create Fengtai record passenger space

As a national business service center and Beijing’s high-tech industry incubators, Zhongguancun Fengtai Technology Park Innovation Service Center is to provide incubation services for small and medium enterprises in Zhongguancun Fengtai Park, an important support mechanism. Kechuang center created by the Fengtai Park Incubator Network, an operating mechanism is diverse, entrepreneurial incubator network professional services organization system, brought together more than 1,700 in the high-tech center of strategic emerging industries and micro enterprises, more than 50,000 science and technology Pioneering.

Full three-dimensional training help enterprises expand their horizons

Zhongguancun Fengtai Science Park Technology Innovation Service Center was established in 1994, is also known as the Beijing International Business Incubator Center, referred to as Beijing IBI, bears Zhongguancun Fengtai Park Overseas Students Pioneer Park, University Student entrepreneurship training base, the National SME public service demonstration platform, and many other functions. When the Beijing Morning Post reporter 来到 Beijing IBI, which are engaged in a training, training of personnel is director of Fengtai District, each social security, the training is how to provide good service to start-ups, the main Miss Ren Chengjun Beijing IBI It is one of the speaker.

Cheng Jun told reporters, training events like this in Beijing IBI very much. Training is divided into several areas, including the one hand, large-scale training, which is our “Newell Friday” event last week, “Newell Friday” for the intermediary service system of referrals, mainly to introduce the bank after the registration of the enterprise Process account, Intellectual Property Strategy, reporting financial statements. IBI has been established in Beijing this year for 21 years in the incubator companies are to the rapid development.

“In the past the core area of ​​the capital market Haidian attention more, Fengtai companies know enough.” Cheng Jun said, so Beijing IBI through the introduction of all types of capital markets, the integration of more enterprise project promotion, help them find capital markets, basically every Recommend 3-5 companies. And investors are screened, such as Beijing University Circle Ventures, has invested in high-growth company Alibaba Softbank China Fund partners are Beijing IBI often invited guest of honor. These well-known investors and investment institutions will review the project start-ups, and tell companies how to conduct promotion, road shows, do a business plan, so this training was particularly welcomed by enterprises.

In addition, Zhongguancun has become an important brand of “three-three will”, ie the third Wednesday of each month in the afternoon Zhongguancun students to start businesses Collectibles project promotion, in May in Beijing IBI held companies Here take the table out roadshow was very successful. Thursday is for internal teams to expand experiential training, so that we enhance the awareness of active service, improve the ability to integrate resources and communication. Also part of the training is to preach the enterprise policy. “So, for corporate training is not based on a bit, but with three-dimensional way of thinking to help them broaden their horizons.” Cheng Jun said.

Integration of related resources for business incubator Weapon

At the beginning of entrepreneurship, such as information on government financial support it is very important, but more important is the ability to expand the market, so Cheng Jun believes that incubators should provide more opportunities for businesses to expand their markets. According to her, Beijing IBI will regularly organize a professional in the field of business with each other fieldwork, communication, in such a way so that they automatically find each other’s cooperation points.

“We are leveraging the resources to do more to help businesses integrate.” Cheng Jun said, just last month, there is a student start-ups find IBI Beijing to seek help, the students want to create a travel reviews platform, through personal Experience overseas tourism resources and then write reviews. After Cheng Jun “pulse” of the project, proposed cost too much sound advice. And rely on their intimate knowledge of the companies in the incubator, the rapid integration of related resources, this project and Jaco House Education and the United States, East morning travel agencies and Smart educational institutions together.

These institutions have good early childhood education and overseas study tours, but most are not good at organization and various travel agencies to access procedures, has 20 years of business travel line has suffered a bottleneck in the Internet age, there are dedicated to children’s art education is not good at talking shop , the length of each of the four agencies, each major business and can complement each other, and therefore Cheng Jun advise them together by means of resource development, but also shares with each other, the future may also be the right time to set up a group. Travel Reviews platform just follow each sent their written review tours to experience, significant cost savings. Cheng Jun said that cases like this, most of the time she was five or six a day to talk about since, even in the enterprise to explore and lunch in the cafeteria.

Establishment of industrial alliance building Fengtai Park Incubator Network

“When they called us old ‘network head’, say follow the ‘net head’ away. So we must have leaders of the style leaders, we must play the role of a commander in chief.” Single-handedly built the Beijing Fengtai Park IBI Incubator Network, and thus is affectionately known as “network head.” Cheng Jun told the Beijing Morning Post reporter, to Saiou Ke Incubator as an example. Sail is initially a department store, saw in the case of poor management there are many companies want to start, so the proposed lease out space to these companies. However, companies need to not just rent, more needs to make its fast-growing value-added services. Thus, in 2000, Sail find Beijing IBI signed a cooperation agreement, the year Beijing sent IBI professional managers settled Sail, and invested 1.5 million yuan to apply for funds to help build a platform Sail intermediary service system. Today, Sail from the initial development of a building four buildings, 80,000 square meters, from a mall into a national incubator.

“So we just incubator businesses and entrepreneurs, also incubators ‘incubators’,” and then, Beijing IBI in accordance with this model, the integration of more space and buildings for businesses to provide services. Along West Fourth Ring Road along the street to the layout Incubator Network, the network will eventually expand to 23 buildings, 16 sub-centers. In March this year, with the help of Fengtai District Science and Technology Commission, they set up the incubator industry alliance, Beijing Union IBI is chairman of the unit, the affiliate has been expanded to 22.

In the league, the capacity of each sub-centers are not the same.赛欧科 park Incubator has self-contained eco-system, fully independent, he is one of the league’s vice president of units. Alliance members to discuss the future development of Fengtai District incubator, how big hand little hand, to help start-ups and start-up incubator development. One of the more successful cases is Kyushu incubator. Kyushu was originally made pharmaceutical logistics business, platform biomedical background, so we applied for a part of the funds to the government support and assistance Kyushu build a biomedical shared laboratory. A company that is conducted experiments in common, you can use the laboratory, Kyushu has thus become a professional incubator. Currently, Kyushu has become one of the league vice president of units, and Beijing IBI, 赛欧科 park Incubator common among the national and municipal level, incubators, and led the combined effect of Fengtai Park Incubator Network.

■ dialogue entrepreneurs

Beijing sharply in identifying CEO Yang Feng Hua Information Technology Co., Ltd.

Yang Feng met with the Beijing International Business Incubator Center is accidental, but this occasionally gave his entrepreneurial path brings luck. Start by the end of 2007 to this year, his team from five development partners to 30 people, office space of 30 square meters from the original into a 500 square meters. Start at the beginning, he had been a large number of technology parks and high rents office space turned away. One night when walking, limits and occasional passing between Beijing IBI, then began here “incubator trip.”

He said that Beijing IBI provide one-stop service for entrepreneurs, simply submit relevant information, there will be someone to help deal with taxation, social security and a series of work, and it’s free. In addition, Beijing IBI also applied for a rent subsidy for them, declare Zhongguancun start-up capital. “This way we can concentrate on product research, expand their business, which benefited from the entrepreneur.” Now, in sharp Shihua has become Beijing IBI successful business incubator typical As CEO, Yang Feng has become a business entrepreneur class tutor. Currently, Rui Hua knowledge and Aerospace Technology Group, Chinese Academy of Sciences and many other scientific research institutes to cooperate, to participate in the development of a number of aerospace core tasks. Next, he hopes to be able to civilian conversion of military technology to expand the market.

Beijing Simplified and Traditional costumes limited liability company Zheng Qi Xuan

Zheng Xuan Qi is a recent college graduate 90. May this year, he founded the Beijing Simplified and Traditional Garments Co., Ltd. officially got the business license. “The original intention of the founder of this company is to design Chinese style creative costumes.” Xiao Zheng told reporters that they want to break through the traditional style of most Chinese style clothing, more fashionable in design.

Because the family is to do the clothing business, so Xiao Zheng in the last year to start thinking about business, but suffer from a lack of internet. Then he learned from his college at the Beijing Institute of IBI will start to hold training courses, then enroll. “For college students for entrepreneurship, is the lack of available business resources and platforms.” Xiao Zheng said that from the first class to graduate, incubation center for participants to arrange an experienced business mentor, while also helping them solve including the actual office space problems, preferential policies. Who attended the training about 30 people, the final four or five companies were successfully hatched, Xiao Zheng Simplified and Traditional clothing is one of them.

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Kechuang center carefully crafted IBI cafe

Beijing IBI cafe carefully crafted by the Fengtai Park Technology Innovation Service Center, opened in less than a month had been organized angel VC will meet with entrepreneurs, Fengtai District Technology business incubator industry seminars, training Newell Friday activities, contributed to the Softbank China, the cornerstone of the Fund, Jingxi venture capital investment institutions with more than 10 well-known companies Xinfeng Ningue effective docking “chip Fish” venture more than ten items.

As a team of professionals at home and abroad incubator venture capital, well-known business mentor, aspiring entrepreneurs contribute to the community to create a joint record passenger space, providing a low-cost small micro-innovation business growth and individual entrepreneurship, facilitation, opening up the whole element type integrated service platform, Beijing IBI cafe will look more and more investors are attracted to the Fengtai.